These files provide a simplified way to create dialog windows. The user specifies the layout of the dialog window in XML. The interaction is also specified in a simple way, setting values or labels and setting actions which should occur when the user clicks on the specific widget. An example can be found in the package.

The reason for this little package is that when I am developing an extension for the SX editor I had to create several dialog windows. Every time I had to do the same programming and create similar things. I wanted to simplify things so I came up with this implementation. The idea is not mine, it is similar to AutoCAD's DCL (Dialog Control Language).

Structure of the package

The main module is dialog.scm. This module uses the files from the directory of gui. The files in the gui directory are created only because "I am crazy enough, and insist on one thing that the code should be divided into a PLT-dependent and PLT-independent part". If you want, it is possible to create only one file.


To see how the system works, load the test-dialog.scm file, which uses the XML and the PNG file from the XML directory.
The result will be this dialog.


The documentation is in the dialog.scm file. At the moment it is "sparse", but I will add more details. (2008-jul-20)




The code is still under development. For the use of the system see the upcoming version of SX editor
Peter Ivanyi